We believe

At Minimus, we honor the inherent perfection of the human foot. While embracing barefoot living for optimal foot health is ideal, we recognize its challenges, especially in colder climates like the Nordic regions, where Minimus originated. That's why we craft footwear for every stage of life, from babies to adults, always guided by the barefoot philosophy. Our mission is to ensure comfort for every toe, nurturing a lifetime of healthy feet on your barefoot journey. From our barefoot booties for baby's first steps to our deliberate kids' collection and adult sandals, Minimus offers footwear that meets all key criteria for an authentic barefoot experience - FLAT, WIDE, THIN, and FLEXIBLE.

Our mission

We are creating footwear for babies, kids and now also adults with the barefoot idea in mind, so that every toe feels comfortable and healthy feet bring you through lifelong barefoot journey.

Our vision

Embracing the growing popularity of barefoot living, Minimus invites you to step into a world of comfort and well-being, one barefoot step at a time. Join us in walking the path to healthier feet!